Outlook Sleep Pod


Product Description

Outlook Sleep Pod will help your baby drift off to a nice calming sleep while being gently pushed around town or the country side. The Unique idea and design of the sleep pod will fit almost any push chair allowing any parent to protect their children against harmful UV rays. The Sleep Pod comes with a multitude of safety features included ventilated slats so your child won’t over heat and gets the fresh air they need. As well as good ventilation the Outlook Sleep Pod has a breathable UPF fabric to the sides of the pod which block 94% UVA + UVB rays. To the front of the pod is a zip up mesh viewing panel which blocks 73% UVA + UVB glare. There is also a blackout blind on the front of the pod which is handy for a mid-afternoon nap, when not in use, it can simply be rolled up. The Sleep pod helps to create shade for your baby whilst they take a relaxing little nap and it also allows air in but keeps cold wind and strong sunlight out. The Sleep-Pod is very flexible for all year round use.